ENCTS Disabled Person + Carer


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Senior Pass Auto Renewals

When your current Senior Pass is about to expire we will send you a new pass automatically. If your new pass renewal hasn’t arrived 4 weeks before your current pass expires, please email passes@travelsouthyorkshire.com or call 01709 515151.

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The English National Concession Travel Scheme (ENCTS) entitles disabled people to free off peak travel on buses across England (plus additional concessions in South Yorkshire).

What do I need to apply?

  • Proof of age

For online applications you will need your driving license or passport number, or a scanned copy of a proof of age document such as a birth certificate or medical card. If you are applying by post you must send a photocopy of one of these documents.

  • A recent passport style photograph
  • Your letter of entitlement  (from your local council)

For online applications you will need to provide a scanned copy of this letter and for postal applications a photocopy.



Within South Yorkshire your ENCTS Disabled Person's pass will entitle you to free travel at all times on:

  • local bus services, trams and trains
  • Northern train services between South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire.

In all other parts of England, South Yorkshire passes can be used for free travel on bus services between 0930 and 2300 weekdays and all day weekends and Bank Holidays. They are not valid on tram services outside of South Yorkshire.

For more information please see the information leaflet (PDF).


You will need to provide proof of your age, proof of eligibility and will need to provide a passport size photograph as this pass requires a photocard.

If you live outside South Yorkshire, you need to apply to the local authority that covers your usual place of residence.


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